Churcham Parish Councillors

Councillors are elected to Churcham Parish Council every four years.

A councillor’s job is to:

  • listen to local residents and represent their views
  • actively engage with all citizens and groups
  • lead the community and promote the social, economic and environmental development and sustainability of the district
  • ensure equal access to county council services
  • contribute actively to determining priorities, allocating resources, and ensuring council tax payer value for money
  • continually improve service delivery
  • work together with public officials such as the police and local authority agencies to deliver local objectives

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List of Parish Councillors 2015

Mr Robert Newbery
Telephone: – 01452 750459

Mr Martin Baber
Telephone: – 01452 750313

Mrs Domaree Reeves
Telephone: – 01452 750367

Mr Barry Brookes
Telephone: – 01452 750289

Mrs Sally Price
Telephone: – 01452 750722

Mr Michael Freeman
Telephone: – 01452 750755

Mr John Francis
Telephone: – 01452 750040