Grants, Honours & Donations

Grants, Honours & Donations

The Council has various legislative powers to make grants, donations and award honours. The Council aims to use these powers to:

  • bring direct benefits to the community it serves
  • to recognise individuals who positively contribute to the area
  • support local and national charities

Below is some brief information about these powers and how the Council uses them. Further information can be found by downloading our Grants, Honours & Donations Policy by clicking the pdf icon below:

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The Council agrees a budget each November and will consider making provision for applications from organisations asking for financial support to implement projects that that will have a direct benefit to all or part of the community. The maximum grant available is £150. However, the Council will consider higher grant awards if the project is considered to bring exceptional benefits to the inhabitants of the Parish.

If you would like the Council to consider your ideas for a project then please contact the Clerk for advice.

Honorary Freeman and Honorary Freewoman

Under Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972, the Council has the power to confer the title of Honorary Freeman or Honorary Freewoman of the Parish of Churcham on any person
deemed to be:
• a person of distinction, and
• a person who has, in the opinion of the Council, rendered eminent services to the area.

It is uncommon for any Council to confer this title, as this helps to ensure that when they do it has significant meaning. However, if you think that the Council may wish to consider an individual who meets the above criteria then you can contact the Clerk for further information.

Donations to charities

Under s.137 of the Local Government Act 1972 the Council has the power to make contributions to UK charities and bodies providing a public service on a non-profit making basis in the UK. The Council may also use this power to help fund events organised by the county’s principal authority.